bicycle rent at Gota canal

Address: Slussvägen 110, 54066 Sjötorp Show map

Address: Slussvägen 110, 54066 Sjötorp

Rent a bicycle in Sjötorp and explore Gotacanal. Visit the best part of Gotacanal. The canal area offers many pleasant alternatives for a nice bike ride.

Bicycle along Göta canal:
In olden days, oxen and horses tramped up the old gravel towpaths along the Göta Canal, towing sailboats towards the next lock. Today bicycles have replaced the beasts of burden, carrying tourists through the old canal environments, past locks and historical sights and the beautiful landscape.

Free from hills and cars
Bicycling along the canal is a joy – the only hills are at the locks, and the tree-lined boulevard on both sides of the canal shelter you from the sun and wind. Bicycling along the car-free towpath, observing the boaters on the water, is relaxing and exciting all at once. Above all relaxing, with plenty of opportunities to stop along the way. Have a snack or a meal at one of the many cosy cafés along the way!.

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