Deep forest walk in Tiveden national park

Address: 69597 Tived Show map

Address: 69597 Tived

Join our guided walk where you experience a part of Tiveden national park where few go. The focus is for you to find your own little piece of mind where you can relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature. You experience the calm and silence of the wilderness.

In a more and more loud and stressed day life and world the need and longing for calm and recovery is big.
We will take you deeper into the forest during this deep forest walk, so that you will be embraced by the healing forces of nature as well as your own calm. Our guide will tell you somethings about the nature you will meet in the beginning of the tour. The main part of the walk is focused on calming down , find your piece of mind and enjoy the silence of nature.

On your blanket you will experience the closeness to nature and you might even fall a sleep.
A simple meal is included as well as drinks.

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