Address: Vitlycke 2, 457 93 Tanumshede

Address: Vitlycke 2, 457 93 Tanumshede

This tour is ideal for those who want to know more about rock carvings. It takes you to the beautiful rocks on Aspeberget, one of the major rock art areas in the world heritage.

Here are some twenty carved rocks and other ancient monuments. During the 1.5-kilometer-long hiking you will see both painted and unpainted carvings, for example sun symbols, deeply carved bulls and ritual processions. The guide tells about the rock carvings, others ancient monuments and landscapes change over 3,000 years. If weather permits, we try to a "frottage”, a technique for imaging a rock carving
We end the walk at the top of the mountain with a beautiful view of Tanum plains and the world heritage. There is a picnic basket waiting for us with coffee, sandwiches and a good cake
The hike on June 12 at 15:00 am in Swedish and 9 August at 15:00 am in English. It takes about 2 hours and goes along trails and passes a number of stairs.

You meet the guide at the reception of Vitlycke Museum

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