Guided evening tours

Think about the feeling of sitting in the kayak, with a guide beside you, it´s evening and the sunshine is getting soft and reddish. See the cliffs while they turns even smoother when the sidelight lift their character. Old friendly waves sings outside the costline.

This summer we will continue to give some lifelonging experiences to our visitors in Grundsund. Turesdays, Thuresdays and Sundays we offer an evening trip from the quay in Grundsund. The distances will be chosen from day to day, depending on the weather circumstances and the participants former experiences. There will always be a guide with the group.

To participate you´ll need some experience from kayak paddling. We will be out on the sea for about 2,5 hour, you need strength to manage for that long and also some knowledge about how to handle your kayak in the weather expected. Bring clothes for the weather, water to drink and some extra clothes in a waterproof bag for safety. We start of at 18.00 hour and plan for arrival at 21.00 hour. Price in total 500 sek.

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