Kayak Course

Address: Östra Kajen 10, 450 33 Grundsund Show map

Address: Östra Kajen 10, 450 33 Grundsund

3 hour course with basic technical paddle practice and how to handle safety. For the beginner or if you just paddled by yourself and feel that you need a more sustainable physical paddle pattern. You will find a better relation to the sea, to yourself and to the surroundings after passing the course.

When you want to learn how to paddle kayak, just bring yourself, bathing suit and some extra clothes. We will teach you about the basic technically paddle strokes needed, how too rescue and get rescued. You will end wet, happy and even more interested.
We start at the Kayak center and after some dry practice we start of in the kayaks. Different paddle strokes, safety practice (you will need to bring some bathing clothes) and some more practical "good to knew" Dress yourself for the weather of today and bring some extra clothes in a dry bag.

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Mollösunds Wärdshus, Mollösund

Distance: 16.2 km
At the far west of the Bohuslän archipelago is Mollösund, one of the oldest and most beautiful fishing villages on the west coast.

Nösunds Värdshus HavSbadSpa, Sweden

Distance: 13.4 km
With old tradition You find Nösund Inn on the shoreline of the sea at the very south of Orust, in Bohuslän, Sweden. Nösund Inn has ever since the beginning of the last century been a resort for rich people from the whole of Sweden who came to enjoye hot seaweed baths, good food and nature’s best at the guesthouse. Today Nösund Inn traditionally offers good food, restful accommodations and SPA in the beautiful and salty archipelago of western Sweden.
Youth hostel

Tofta gård/Orust, STF Hostel

Distance: 7 km
On Orust’s west coast, pretty much as far west as you can come in Sweden, lies STF hostel Tofta Gård/Orust. Tofta Gård is peacefully situated in a countryside setting on the edges of the Bohuslän’s cliffs. Just ten minutes walk away from the sea, where we have our own small jetty. There are also fine walks up into the “hills”. Here you can choose to fill your time with different activities or just lie back and enjoy Bohuslän’s beautiful countryside.