Rent a paddleboard/SUP - Cruiser

Date: Sunday 25 jun 2017 - Sunday 3 Sep 2017

Good if you like to go on long tours and also for training. Width: 30". It's easy to take the SUP with you on a trip.

- Swimming ability required.
- The life jacket is required, all the time when the kayak is in the water. This is a absolutely require, no exception.
- A generally paddle plan is submitted to Orust kajak and in return we will give you some tips and advices for your paddle excursion.
- Delays can develop, than you have the responsibility to make sure that Orust kajak get that information as soon as possible
- Orust kajak takes the restriction to refuse renting out a kayak if a person behaves improperly. Within more complicated cases, as delict, to refuse wearing a life jacket. Orust kajak has the right to take back rented equipment while ongoing renting. Within this cases no repayment.
- To paddle a kayak is compare able to any other leisure boat, because of that, it's your own responsibility and on your own risk.
- Rented equipment will be washed clean when returning it. If there is any damage or lost equipment you will have to replace the cost.
- Orust kajaks insurances will not cover you. Make sure that your insurance cover the kayak trip.
- The equipment have to be clean when turing it back. Orust kajak will debit you for cleaning work, within our time tax if the equipment is not clean.
The right of public access gives us the opportunity to reside in a unique way in our nature. But it also gives us responsibility. So you have to find out what's right or wrong. What's allowed and what's not. You can read more at Orust kajak and you can get a separate paper where the right of public access is described.

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