Trolling license - Annual card

Date: Thursday 1 jan 2015 - Sunday 31 Dec 2017

Max 4 rods/licences/boat – everyone in the boat must have a licence.

The card is valid the period that is stated on your confirmation. Print the confirmation and bring with you when you go out fishing, the confirmation is valid as your fishing license.

Fishing rules:

- No one else may use your licence.
- Max number brown trout per day – 3.
- Minimum size for brown trout – 40 cm.
- Brown trout in Lake Laxsjö may not be fished from 1 October through 31 December.
- Using setlines or gaff fishing is strictly forbidden by law.
- Tilled fields, house lots or other fenced properties such as industrial propertied may not be entered.
- Fishing wardens carry a special badge. You must show fishing licences, ID card, tools, bags or catch on their request.
- The fishing rules carry legal liability and offenders will be prosecuted.
- There is no fee for youths under 16 years of age, but the rules must be followed nevertheless.

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