Bengtsfors Municipality Fishing License

Address: Bengtsfors Turistbyrå Sågudden 1, 666 31 Bengtsfors Date: Thursday 1 jan 2015 - Sunday 31 Dec 2017 Show map

Address: Bengtsfors Turistbyrå Sågudden 1, 666 31 Bengtsfors

The municipality Bengtsfors offers a fishing license for several lakes. This fishing license is valid for the whole family including children under 15 years.

Regulations for respective fishingwaters also apply to the district fishinglicense.

This fishing permit is valid for the following waters:
Askesjö FVO, Ärtingens FVO, Granns FVO, Ivägs FVO, Laxsjöns FVO, Limmens FVO, Västra Solsjöns FVO, Östra Solsjöns FVO, Svärdlångs FVO, Stenebyälvens FVO, Kesnacksälvens FVO, Fillingsjöns FVO, Bengtsbrohöljens FVO och Råvårps FVO.

For more information and regulations please visit: http://www.bengtsfors.se/download/18.af3c367137e01566815ac/1392993087122/Fiskeguide.pdf

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