Boat and Sea in and around Westsweden - 4 matches

4 Boat and Sea

1390 SEK

Sjötorp youth hostel - gota canal
Valid: Fri 05 May 2017 - Sun 10 Sep 2017

Experience Göta Canal by bike along the car-free bike path at the canal. On your way you pass many locks and have time to discover a miniature of the entire channel in Norrkvarn. 1 day package starting in Sjötorp.


2245 SEK

Nösunds Värdshus HavSbadSpa, Sweden
Valid: Mon 26 Jun 2017 - Sun 06 Aug 2017

This is Nösund Inn´s special offer for bon vivants. Stay at Nösund Inn and enjoy oysters, champagne and SPA with access to the glazed oysterbank. Combined with the nice five course meal this is an experience of excellence.


2190 SEK

Sjötorp youth hostel - gota canal
Valid: Sat 01 Jul 2017 - Sat 02 Sep 2017

Cruise packages Göta kanal, travelling on Göta Canal with a passenger boat is a wonderful memory for life. This is the perfect choice for anyone wishing to try a canal cruise. Boat trip with lunch between Sjötorp - Töreboda, and accommodation in Sjötorp.


2590 SEK

Ramsviks cottages and camping
Valid: Sun 20 Aug 2017 - Sun 01 Oct 2017

Ramsvik is the perfect place for fishing, both from land and from boats. You get accommodation including breakfast and dinner in Ramsviks restaurant. A motorboat including gasoline is also includes throughout your stay.

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