Öijared GC - The New Course

Adresse: Öijaredsvägen 59, 44892 Floda Datum: Montag 20 dez 2010 - Dienstag 4 Sep 2018 Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Öijaredsvägen 59, 44892 Floda

On a peninsula, a short drive from Gothenburg, lies Öijared. There are three challenging 18-hole courses here, all are different from each other and together they offer tremendous possibilities for variation. It has a restaurant and a practice area.

The New Course is a traditional Swedish golf course par 72, which among other things has hosted Öijared Ladies Open on the Telia Tour for many years. Open woodland and parkland course with great variety and each hole has its own room in the nature. The course is regarded as medium to medium-difficult. The holes at the Lake offer the most beautiful views and here the some shrubbery and small trees have been cleared away in order to show the lake even further. There are golf carts for rent. Only Soft spikes may be used. Dogs are not allowed.

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