Jakten på den försvunna guldreserven

Datum: Samstag 24 jun 2017 - Sonntag 27 Aug 2017

Exiting treasure hunt in the Karlsborg fortress. For children from 7 years.
Only available in swedish this year.

Available in english is our new treasure hunt for younger children (from 3 years)

The Gold Reserve of Sweden is stored in the Fortress of Karlsborg. When the King is about to
inspect the Gold it is GONE!
You can find some Treasure Chests outdoors others are a bit hidden. Perhaps you have to walk
into a Dungeon. Do you dare?
When you have found all the Clues, and know where the Gold is hidden you can tell the
Commandant of the Fortress.
Go to the Office of the Commandant marked with “Crown symbol”

Everybody gets a Reward!

Buy your Treasure Map at the Ticket Office in the Square of the Fortress

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