Blue mussel expedition

Adresse: Klocktornet Robert Macfies väg 21, 45933 Ljungskile Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Klocktornet Robert Macfies väg 21, 45933 Ljungskile

On board M/S Märta we'll voyage out to one of Scanfjord's mussel farms to pick some specimens of our own. When the boat's crane lifts the heavy mussel ropes weighing several hundred kilos things get serious - it's time to harvest the sea's dark blue gold. On the way home we'll prepare the sea fresh mussels so they're ready to be made into a delicious dish as soon as we're back at Klocktornet.

You're invited to accompany us on a rare excursion granted to few and experienced by even fewer. It's time to head out to the mile wide mussel farms out in the fjord, and harvest the freshest of mussels which we'll then cook and serve back at Klocktornet, so get ready for a mussel feast!

But first take a deep breath in and imagine yourself watching some seal cubs sunbathing on a rock, a sea eagle gliding past, a mussel farmer harvesting the deliciacies of the sea and a flock of eider ducks watching enviously. A deer peeps out from behind the curtain of alder on the shoreline of the island while a couple of herons lift from the shallow waters of the bay.

Havstensfjord is one of Bohuslän's hidden gems. Still relatively untouched by tourism and with a flora and fauna that will surprise, inspire and impress you. Just look under the small grey floats on the blue mirror like surface of the water and you'll find hidden there, in the mighty gardens of the sea, the mussel ropes that are suspended from a few metres down to six metres, almost to the bottom. Spend some time getting inspired by ecology, becoming more environmentally aware, while you're going on a sustainable adventure with unrivalled taste sensations.

Of course the focus is essentially on the Blue Mussel, but also on the area, and to give the whole experience an extra something we offer our guests the opportunity to book themselves a trip on one of our mussel boats. On board as a guest you have the chance to take a voyage with us to harvest mussels as well as learning more about the sea in general and mussels in particular.

On the way the skipper will tell you about the idea - still inspiring & viable even today - behind the founding of one of Sweden's last health resorts. Naturally there's room for many questions and probably as many tall stories onboard M/S Märta. It's the ideal place, and experience, for adventure thirsty gourmets.

When Märta arrives at the mussel farm in one of the 8 surrounding fjords the pace steps up. In the middle of the giant mussel beds one of the main cables is hooked onto the crane and the kilometre long mussel ropes hauled up to get to the deep blue gold, the blue mussel. On the journey, as our knowledge of how mussels grow and live increases, we form a more respectful appreciation of their importance for the environment of both sea and land. When we've harvested what we need for the day we steer the ship homewards. We've done the hard work, now we can relax and enjoy the preparation - scrubbing and cleaning - of our eco-smart delicacy.

When we're back at Klocktornet we'll cook our little blue treasures directly in the pan, with sizzling oil, garlic and onions, white wine and fresh parsley, and eat with newly baked bread which we'll dip in home made aioli and the delicious mussel broth. We'll let you into a secret - getting to eat this seemingly simple dish, with the fantastic taste sensations you get from sea fresh blue mussels, is a delight only granted to the few.

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