SET IN STONE - guided CAR tour, from Lysekil to Härnäset aka Hugget i sten

Datum: Freitag 8 sep 2017 - Freitag 29 Sep 2017

Guided tour by car - 4.5 hours: Rock art - past and present.

Visit quarries and workers' dwellings at Härnäset and the rock carvings in Backa. Learn more about stone workers lives and working conditions, "Hitler Stones", Bronze Age cult and petroglyphs.

Visit the lodgings and the community centres that evolved arond the quarries and work places of the stone masons and stone cutters of Rixö and Fågelviken. One hundred years ago almost half the population in that area had their income from the granite industry.
World events are mirrored thru the perspective of Bohuslän's stone workers:
the Great Depression, World Wars I and II, Hitler and modern stone industry, and
- Quarries and "bolagshus"
- Environmental issues and "Hitler Stone"
- Bronze Age Cult and "workers' riots"

See the famous Cobbler (aka Shoemaker) and other rock carvingsalong the "Via Sacra/Holy Road of petroglyphs" in Backa, Brastad. And the beautiful scenery will be an integral part of the tour...

Learn more about the granite, herring and sea that all radically reshaped the landscape of Bohuslän.
Guide will speak both in english and swedish.

We pick up passengers from Gullmarsstrand Hotel arriving with ferry from Fiskebäckskil/Östersidan arriving at Södra Hamnen @ 9.10 AM.
We also pick up pre-registered passengers at the following hotels:
Strandflickorna's Havshotell 9.05 and Strand ca 9.07
Hotell Lysekil 9.15
Grand Hotel Lysekil 9.18
Hotell Lokus 9.20
Fjordhotellet 9.23

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