Capercaillie courtship / lekk in Tiveden 2 nights stay

Adresse: 69597 Tived Datum: Dienstag 10 apr 2018 - Sonntag 29 Apr 2018 Karte anzeigen

Adresse: 69597 Tived

In the old forests the ancient courtship of the capercaillie takes place. It is a unique display of this our biggest forest hens courting rites which includes patience and also great action. Dancing, odd sounds and fights during the early Scandinavian morning.

The most magnificient and mystic courtship ceremony among the forest hens.

It takes time, absolute silence and patience to witness this courting. The capercaillie is extremely watchful and as participant you have to show consideration and responsibility not to disturb the birds or other guests..

The courtship takes place during early morning and goes on during forenoon. As the males comes in to the courtship area early in the evening before you will be waiting in complete silence during the evening and night while staying overnight in the hide.
During the evening you will hear the males advancing the courtship area in the surrounding trees while making some of their typical sounds.

All the precautions are well worth and something to enjoy when you in the morning are able to see and hear the males magnificient display. This will most surely be the first but not the last time you will enjoy this ritual together with the birds and the patience.

We have simple hides where you sleep over comfortable in a warm sleeping bag. You will get information about the capercaillie, living conditions and habitat as well as which precautions you have to take during the activity. Coffee, tea and food included (there are veg alternative of course)

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