Moose safari in Tiveden – Naturguide Tiveden

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Adresse: 69597 Tived

Join in on a real moose safari in the forests of Tiveden. We start with dinner out in the woods by the campfire wehre you get to learn more of the moose. Followed by a walk through moose territory where we look for track. Finally we go safari to look for moose.

The moose – the king of the swedish forest is our focus of attention during the evening
You will also get to learn more about the moose, it´s life and habitats. As well as how you improve your chances to find it.
Did you know that the moose bull drops it´s antlers each year and new one´s grow the next year? Or that the moose has a very developed sense of hearing? That and a lot more you will learn more about, and also to sound and to call for moose.
The guided tour starts out in the forest by our camp, where you enjoy a dinner by the campfire. During the meal you will get exiting know-how of the moose and be able to ask all types of questions.
Full and satisfied we head out on a easy and short walk to experience the realm of the moose. We follow their tracks in the marsh. Look for sundew and cloudberries. Visiting the beautiful pond pf Tranquility.
Finally we head back to camp for the safari looking for the king of the Swedish forest.

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